kichiro_sora (kichiro_sora) wrote,

Watching the news

Putin-Trump phone conversation:

- Hey, апельсин, remembeR youR good time in Moscow, wheRe my KGB has gRReat cameras in the hotel rooms?
- Yes, mr. President Putin, don't worry, I will do what I promised.
- Gooood, апельсин! Make sure to do the whole list. Especially that funny thing on page 5. Or I will publish the tapes, and put my beloved Hillary back into the White House.
- Please! Do you have to say it every time???

Later in the news:
" Trump and mr Putin had have a productive, mutually beneficial conversation... Onto other news: president Trump says we need to dismantle NATO, and pull out of all other agreement with our tried and true allies. He also send some chocolate-covered-bacon to Ukranian president..."


From the yesterdays news - it looks like that his Breitbart team have no fucking clue on basic economics, or how to do government. This building-wall-and-taxing-americans-for-it bit them in the ass really beautifully. But republicans being afraid of clown and going along with every bit of Trump's nonsense is pretty unexpected to me.

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